Explore life through shared vision


About Us

IrisFun was born out of a desire to help visually impaired individuals lead more fulfilling, social lives. Our platform connects visually impaired users with sighted volunteers, fostering friendships, mutual understanding and memorable experiences.

At IrisFun, we believe in breaking down barriers and creating a world where everyone has equal access to life's joy and experiences

IrisFun is not just an app - it's a movement, a stride towards inclusivity and shared experiences.

How it Works

For visually impaired users

Discover a world of social engagement and exploration

Embrace new found independence with IrisFun, connecting you with sighted volunteers for assistance and companionship. Experience life's moments through shared sight, enhancing your social life today

For volunteers

Lend your vision, enrich lives

Your sight can make a difference at IrisFun, helping bridge the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired. Forge connections, share experiences and contribute to a more inclusive world today.

Shared sight, shared adventure

IrisFun - where sight is shared and every adventure is a memorable, collective journey.

Tailored adventures

Matched guidance for unique experiences based on your preferences

Inclusive community

Connect with diverse volunteers ready to share their sight

Safe and trustworthy

Verified volunteers, secure interactions


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Your adventure awaits!

We are working hard to finalize the IrisFun app and can't wait for you to begin your shared sight adventure.